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United Nations Department of Safety and Security

United Nations Department of Safety and Security was established as of 1 January 2005, as a consequence of the findings and recommendations of the investigation report after the bombing of a Hotel in Bagdad, Iraq in 2003, where 23 UN staff members lost their lives. The aim was to take a more consistent approach to security management across all of the UN Organizations by unifying UNSECOORD, Safety and Security Service (SSS), and DPKO Civilian Security.

Your Safety, Your Security, Our Priority

UNDSS is an element of the United Nations Security Management System (UNSMS), which is an UN system-wide approach to security. It encompasses policies, guidelines, processes, and security personnel aimed at managing security risks to the UN system in order to enable UN system activities worldwide. The UNSMS is composed of all UN system organizations grouped under the IASMN.

What we do

We are responsible for providing leadership, operational support and oversight of the security management system. We ensure security for staff and eligible dependants and enable the safest and most efficient conduct of the programmes and activities of the United Nations System.

Priorities for 2017

  • Increase the capacity of the UN Security Management System in Kosovo to deal with crisis;
  • Ensure compliance with mandatory requirements;
  • Continue to increase the effectiveness of current security arrangements for our clients.

More on UNDSS:

Contacts in Kosovo

Mr. Jens Larsen, UNDSS Security Adviser
Mr. Artan Spahiu, Local Security Associate
Ms. Nevrije Bajraktari, Security Information Assistant

Zagreb str. 58
10000 Pristina, Kosovo
Tel: +381 38 249 066/ 116
Fax: +381 38 249 065