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Since 1999, the World Bank has provided and/or managed around US$400 million to Kosovo through more than 30 operations, including trust funds. As of March 1, 2012, there are seven active lending operations with commitments totaling US$76.8 million and four Trust Funds with total commitments of US$8.9 million. They provide support in a wide array of sectors, including environmental clean-up and land reclamation, education, public-sector reform, business environment, cadastre, agriculture, social inclusion and financial-sector strengthening. Since Kosovo was not a member of the World Bank until June 2009, all Kosovo operations supported by the Bank prior to that were financed through grants from a variety of sources, principally the Bank’s net income, the Trust Fund for Kosovo, the Post-Conflict Fund, and the International Development Association (IDA).

Following a series of Interim Strategy Notes, the World Bank Group (WBG) is preparing the first four-year Country Partnership Strategy (CPS) for Kosovo, representing the framework of cooperation between the World Bank Group and the Government of Kosovo. The CPS proposes a strategic set of activities focused on (i) accelerating broad-based economic growth and employment generation; and (ii) improving environmental management.

The two operations of the Sustainable Employment Development Policy Program (SEDPP) have aimed at supporting the Government in maintaining a stable macro-fiscal framework and improving the conditions for sustainable employment. Through the various SEDPP-inspired reforms, the Government has increase the transparency, accountability, and management of public expenditures, and laid the institutional and legislative foundations Kosovo needs for sustainable employment and growth. The first SEDPP operation, in the amount of US$34 million, was disbursed in December 2011, while the second SEDPP tranche, a US$49-million grant, is expected to be disbursed during 2012-Q2.

A number of World Bank-financed projects have complemented the budget support operation aimed at reinforcing the business climate and competitiveness—especially the (i) Financial Sector Strengthening and Market Infrastructure Project; (ii) the Public Sector Modernization Project; (iii) the Business Environment Technical Assistance Project; (iv) the Real Estate Cadastre and Registration Project; (v) the Agriculture and Rural Development Project; and the (vi) the Institutional Development for Education Project. The energy sector is going to become a central element of the Bank’s assistance in Kosovo. The active portfolio includes the Energy Sector Clean-Up Project, which addresses the environmental legacy issues related to the open dumping of ashes from Kosovo’s oldest thermal power plant.

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