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6 Jul 2020

Unofficial Translation of Ministry of Health’s Decisions entering into force from 6 July 2020

Reorganization of clinics within the Hospital and University Clinical Services of Kosovo, to create additional beds and spaces, with the goal to:

  • Create additional capacity with beds and spaces in regional hospitals.
  • Create additional capacity with beds and hospital spaces in private health institutions in accordance with applicable laws.

In this function, the Ministry of Health and the competent health institutions are obliged to increase the capacities with health personnel necessary for the treatment of cases affected by COVID 19, including:

  • Reorganization of health personnel in the service of cases affected by COVID 19;
  • Mobilization of health staff at the national level, including as needed those health professionals who are not currently engaged.
  • Increase capacity in the service of microbiology, Infectious Disease Ward and other services directly related to COVID cases 19.

The Ministry of Health and the competent health institutions are obliged to take the necessary and immediate actions to carry out virologic tests, including:

  • Full utilization of existing testing capacities.
  • Creating new testing capacities in the regions.
  • Licensing of private health institutions to perform tests for COVID 19, in accordance with applicable laws.
  • Prioritization of testing of the individuals at risk.

The Ministry of Health and the competent health institutions are obliged to allocate budget for the purchase of:

  • Up to 100,000 virologic tests.
  • Up to 500,000 vaccines for seasonal flu.
  • Make the necessary orders for the eventual vaccination against COVID-19, in accordance with the protocols of the European Commission and the WHO.
  • Seven testing units/devices,
  • Specific therapies for the treatment of COVID 19 patients in accordance with the protocols of the European Commission and the WHO.
  • Allocation budget for the engagement of additional health personnel as needed.
  • PPEs for health care personnel as needed.
  • Additional payment for additional engagement of health personnel.

From 6 July 2020, starting from 21:00 to 05:00, any movement of natural persons outside their homes / appartments in the Municipalities: Prishtinë/Priština, Ferizaj/Uroševac, Prizren and Vushtrri/Vučjitrn is prohibited, except:

  • In urgent health cases.
  • In case of the need to take care of the sick, for people with special needs, only if the sick or people with special needs do not have the opportunity to take care of themselves.
  • In case of seeking assistance from the relevant institutions, such as the case of victims of domestic violence.
  • In case of death of a family member.
  • In case of presenting the needs for leaving the house / apartment for the physiological needs of the animals, but not further than 500 meters from the apartment / house (it is not allowed to use these cases to perform any other work or for any purpose other than that defined).

Public and private institutions in Kosovo are obliged to reduce the number of employees only at the level of the necessary staff (the relevant institutions will clarify with special circulars what the necessary staff represents for them).

Public and private health institutions are advised to reduce non-essential health services.

All municipalities are required to fully reactivate their local headquarters.

From 6 July 2020, all entities that offer gastronomy services (restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, and alike):

It is prohibited to operate from 21:00 to 05:00 throughout the territory of Kosovo.

Outside of this schedule they can only work outdoors respecting the distance of 1.5 meters of space between the tables, as well as take-away services.

All entities that offer public transport (buses, buses, taxis) to work at halving their capacity in terms of the number of passengers they carry to allow the distance needed for each passenger.

The Ministry of Health and the relevant health institutions are obliged to build adequate media strategies for informing the citizens.

In accordance with the requirements of the Sanitary Inspectorate, all other inspectorates make available their capacity to oversee the implementation of measures in accordance with applicable law.

The Ministry of Health is obliged to prepare an “Action Plan for the implementation of testing procedures with Covid 19” and to bring it to the Government for approval within a week.

The Ministry of Health prepares and submits to the Government a report on a weekly basis the on the implementation of this decision.

Relevant Kosovo institution are obliged to take the necessary actions to implement this Decision.

The decision enters into force on the day of signing and the same applies until another decision. With the entry into force of this decision, any previous related provision  is repealed.

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