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6 Jul 2020

Timeline of COVID-19 Measures in Kosovo up to 30 July 2020

Time line.
▪ The first two cases were detected on 13th of March 2020. Both cases reported travel history from Italy on 5th and 8th of March 2020
Around midnight of 15th of March 2020, authorities declared Public Health Emergency
▪ Infectious disease clinic is designated for patients suspected with COVID-19.
▪ Suspected cases are transported by auto ambulances and disinfection after that is mandatory
▪ Process of disinfection of the clinic is permanent
▪ Disinfection is mandatory in public spaces, buses etc.
▪ Movement of the population is restricted
▪ Schools are closed: public and private
▪ Cafeterias, night clubs, restaurants are closed

▪ From 23th of March 2020 authorities declared curfew from 10am to 4pm and 8pm – 6am
▪ Risk communication is intensified
▪ Hot-line is functioning (one number with 5 lines)
▪ Suspension of educational process in all educational institutions public and private on all levels until 27 March. It is recommended that one of the parents is released from work – not applicable to health and security institutions workers
▪ Suspension of air and ground transport from the affected countries with high and medium risk (until different decision is announced);
▪ Obliged control for passengers by medical teams in all entry/exit points with a support of the Police for all passengers that come from the epidemic zones for the detection of COVID- 19 cases and enforcement of precautionary measures.
▪ Obliged self-quarantine of all citizens coming from the high and medium risk epidemic zones in compliance with the instructions of WHO (non-compliance is punishable in accordance with the Law on Prevention of Contagious Diseases). In cases of non-ability to self-quarantine, it is recommended that they are placed in joint quarantine as designated by the Government.
▪ Public and non-public activities take place without the presence of audience: sport events, gatherings, concerts, conferences, roundtables until a different decision is made.
▪ Nightclubs, gyms, pools, restaurants and bars to be closed after 23:00.
▪ Export for all medical equipment, materials and drugs is prohibited unless otherwise specified by a government decision.
▪ All institutions governmental as well as public and private enterprises are obliged to take measures for protection and disinfection in accordance with the Ministry of Health directive for enforcing extraordinary hygienic measures
▪ All transporting companies, public and private, that conduct passenger transportation are obliged to maintain regular disinfection of the vehicles.
▪ International transport with busses, mini-busses and similar vehicles to/from the countries with high risk is prohibited.
▪ All physical and legal entities who do not comply with the directives and breach these recommendations are to be punished in accordance with the legislation in place.

“Smart return to normality” started with lifting of restriction measures on 4th of May 2020, so called “Wave 1”, with opening of some small businesses. On 18th of May lifting of measures continued with “Wave 2” trough opening of: take away shops, hairdressers, barber shops, car services, public transport and limited hours of movements. “Wave 3” is planned for 1st of June with “return to normality” of all activities but not in full capacity.
Respect of physical distance, hygiene and wearing masks is mandatory. Mass gathering events (wedding party, birthday party, festivals, concerts) are not allowed until new notification. Also, institutions are obliged to do permanent disinfection of working spaces.

During June 2020 most of restriction were lifted: 1. As of June 1, all Kosovo ground crossing points were opened; 2. As of June 7, Individuals entering to Kosovo were not required to provide a negative COVID-19 test and were not obliged to enter quarantine 3. Bus lines will use only 50% of their capacity & usage of PPE is mandatory in the bus. 4. As of June 28, airport is opened 5. Student Dormitories used as quarantine facility is closed since 29 May 2020. 

On 1 July, due to a spik in numbers with the list of 28 new measures was introduced (LINK), which entered into force on 6 July 2020. An unofficial English translation can be found at LINK.

From 8 July, four municipalities in the north (north Mitrovica, Leposavić/q, Zubin Potok, Zvećan/Zveçan) have been under quarantine, and residents are allowed outside only for essential goods and services, as well as health emergencies. These municipalities are also under nightly lock down from 21:00 to 05:00.

From 13 July, the usage of masks has been made mandatory in all public indoor and outdoor spaces. A full set of measures can be found at this LINK

From 30 July, Mandatory self isolation of one week introduced for all travelling back to Kosovo. The curfew has been set from 22:30 to 05:00 the following day, while decisions on opening of kindergartens will be a matter for individual municipalities. A full set of measures is available at this LINK , and an unofficial English translation is available at LINK.


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