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Designed and created by an idea of director Zoran Ristić and founder of the GETO Theater , the Biberče Theater Festival, which was held for the seventh time this year , has begun to reach an increasing number of visitors who were interested in participating in the program. The festival itself is dedicated to the youngest inhabitants , who are always thrilled with new experiences on the field of art and acting , which this festival includes and unselfishly provides them during all three days of its duration.

For 10 years in a row, with some interruptions due to lack of financial resources, this event has been held in Strpce, in late spring, so this Biberce was the only one that was held during this period. The sponsors who contributed to this project are UN Development Coordinator’s Office, UN Development Programme, through Youth for Kosovo- a UN Peacebuilding Fund supported project, the Municipality of Strpce/Shterpce, the public broadcaster in the Serbian RTK2 editorial office, and of course the Sveti Sava Cultural Center, in which the event itself has been played since its inception.

Preparing for the show-credits GETO

As for the program itself, this time 5 workshops of different content were organized, which were divided into two parts due to their extent, and only one theater show , which was performed by the Zujalica Theater Company from Nis, called New Year’s ZuZu Fun, which is performed as a musical for children. Since the musical was the penultimate part of the program, it was decided by the organizers, that the children who came to participate in the program were presented with packages for New Year and with Santa Claus, so they could take a pictures with him in order to thank them for being regular visitors of the festival and to leave them a wonderful memory.

Musical “New Year’s ZuZu Fun”-credits GETO

The workshops that were held had as their primary goal the psychological development of children and their sense for the environment, sustainable development and peaceful society around them. The first workshop was held by Uroš Mladenović, a playwright from Paracin, entitled as “Let’s create a theater show together”, in which the accent was mostly given to basic element in the theater that is necessary for their participating in the same, and actually represented to kids through exercises what is mostly important for a successful collaboration with your team.

“Let’s make a theater show together”-credits GETO

The second workshop was held by music therapist and educator Marija Mitić, who comes from Niš and through her workshops and seminars, she places special emphasis on the prevention of peer violence through massage and proper breathing techniques. Of course, in her workshop “Searching for the sound”, through various and usefull methods, she wants to teach children how to protect and follow their inner voice and how to relax at certain moments.


“Searching for the sound”-credits GETO

The other three workshops that were held during the other two days, with the same importance as first two were: “Public Performance – A Golden Opportunity” – with the famous Serbian actor, stand-up comedian and TV host Ivan Tomic, “I would not talk about it” – with Branislava Ilic, a great actress and, of course, “Pantomime” with the famous national pantomimic Marko Stojanovic, so with this five and really interesting workshops all segments of acting and dramatic arts were included.

“Pantomimics”-credits GETO

According to words of Zoran Ristić , in the previous years different segments of dramatic arts and acting were seen and were completed at each festival, be it a puppet show, musicology or even a set design. “We traditionally held this festival at the end of May, when the little ones were finishing their school year, and so we wanted to mark and seal up their year. Now, people from UN Kosovo Team came forward , who suggested for us to do similar lineup at the end of the year, so we created this winter magic. “- he says in one of his interviews.

Chorus of Emperor Dušan, and end of a festival-credits GETO

As the event becomes a growing attraction and every subsequent festival is more and more attended than the previous one, this year it had the highest total number of children participating since 2010, which is really a big impetus for the continuation of this wonderful festival who every time gives the little ones a big smile, which is the most precious part of it.


by Mila Mihajlović, Geto Theatre

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