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This Friday (Oct. 20th) will celebrate the 12th edition of the Journalism Poverty Prize (JPP) in Kosovo.
Hosted in collaboration by UN Kosovo Team (UNKT) and the Association of Journalists of Kosovo (AJK), the day will celebrate the courage of journalists and their work covering the issues of poverty reduction in Kosovo.

Starting at 18:00 in the Termokiss building in the Dardania neighborhood of Prishtinë/Priština,  5 winners will be awarded a prize of €1,000 by respective UN Heads of Agencies in the following categories:

  1. Best short video story
  2. Best TV documentary
  3. Best audio story
  4. Best written story
  5. Best photography

A Special Prize for amateur journalists will also be awarded.

JPP marks the closing of the Poverty Eradication Week, on its 25th anniversary of the declaration by the General Assembly resolution 47/196 where it marked 17th October as the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

UNDP in its support to integrate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to Kosovo, the JPP marks a very important benchmark in employing journalism to promote the achievement of SDG-1: eradicating extreme poverty for all people everywhere by 2030.

For more information, please contact us through
Tel: +381 (0) 38 249 066 Ext. 416

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