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On Sunday, December 8th, 2019, the Kosovo Philharmonic held a concert which marked the global “16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence” Campaign. The Kosovo Philharmonic and Symphony Orchestra performed “Requiem” by W.A Mozart. This served as a homage to women and girls who died as a result Gender-Based Violence and Sexual Violence, while at the same time honouring the survivors who continue to suffer in silence because of shame and stigma.

During the opening of the concert, Ulrika Richardson, United Nations Development Coordinator in Kosovo addressed the audience, by thanking the Kosovo Philharmonic for joining the cause of the campaign and raising awareness for the elimination of gender-based violence. Further, she expressed: The “Requiem” is full of melancholy, it is also warm music, expressing at the same time the pain for the past, honouring the dead, but also expressing hope for the future.” The concert was a call for support to the survivors of Gender-Based Violence, as a hope for a future free of silence and stigma surrounding this issue.

High profile figures from international organizations, ambassadors, local institutions and civil society organizations attended the concert on Sunday, thereby making their commitment to the cause of the campaign.

This event marked the first time the Kosovo Philharmonic joined the cause of eliminating violence against women and girls. Considering this, Dardan Selimaj, Kosovo Philharmonic’s manager expressed, “On the eve of the 20th anniversary of the Kosovo Philharmonic, in addition to the artistic part, the mission of the Philharmonic is also to be involved in awareness-raising campaigns such as this one for the elimination of gender-based violence.”

The vocal-instrumental piece “Requiem” was performed under the direction of the conductor Rafet Rudi. In the role of soloists were French soprano Amelie de Broissia, Kosovo mezzo-soprano Diellza Sylejmani, tenor Liridon Sadriu and Danish bass-baritone Lars Fosser.

The concert was supported by the Ministry of Culture, the French Embassy in Kosovo and Kohavision, empowered with the support of UN Women Kosovo.

Pristina, December 8, 2019





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