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Every August since 2002, Prizren the second largest city in Kosovo, becomes more alive. The reason behind it, is Dokufest a week-long documentary and short movie festival, in a very alternative setting of Prizren. When it started there were couple of hundred viewers, and now during the festival 8-9 thousand people flock to Prizren every day to feel the vibe, watch some movies and participate in other events.

Every year it grows a little bit more, with more visitors, more screenings and more interest from around the world. Two years ago the Festival entered the European Cultural Calendar link, while this year the festival because a qualifier for BAFTA award link. The latter is a successful building up on the relation established by winner of 2017 BAFTA short feature co-produced by Dokufest, UN Kosovo Team and many other partners. UN proudly supports Dokufest from day 1. We continue to do so through events and project, as well as the festival itself.

This year the Dokufest Festival’s showed 300 documentaries and short features. For this year’s winners please see link.

Theme for 2019, the XVIII edition, was Truth and the motto Truth Lies here. The theme offered a lot of opportunity for expression of artists and partners. UN engage by organising a SDG Chillout zone for the duration of the festival where visitors, could rest and charge their cell phone for free. The location at Matyr’s Square was under a tent with a big LED screen and SDG branding set and goodies. We had a plethora of visitors and cool outreach involving festival goers and citizens of Prizren.

IOM in partnership with UNMIK and British Embassy, have organised a wonderful, Dokutalks event dubbed “The True Importance of Multilingualism and Language Learning”, with panellists Adrijana Hodžić, Minister of Local Government; Administration Ruairi O’Connell, British Ambassador; Mytaher Haskuka, Mayor of Prizren; Slaviša Mladenović, Language Commissioner; Lindita Rugova, Dean of the Faculty of Philology, University of Pristina. Hamman, the alternative location where this event takes place was to small to fit all interested participants. Among other things, participants watched a documentary movie produced by Amanda Fisher and UNMIK the Office of Strategic Communications and Public Affairs. Presentations talked about how much there is a need to speak each other’s language in Kosovo and yet very few do so. The good thing is that there are indicators that say that there is high interest learn, hence the developed VocUp link platform for learning Albanian/Serbian is highly visited in Kosovo and region. The plan is that IOM and Partners further expand it.

Full House at Hamam in Prizren for the Panel on Languages

UNWOMEN in partnership with US Embassy screened the abbreviated version of the documentary The Prosecutors link, followed by an interesting discussion on Conflict Related Sexual Violence, and the way that art impacts social change . The topic was dealt with from the point of view of justice, art and activism from the panelists: Ms. Drita Hajdari, War Crimes Prosecutor at Special Prosecution Office of Kosovo, Ms. Irena Cahani – Actress, Ms. Sibel Halimi – Sociologist, Mr. Shpend Qamili – Outreach and Advocacy Officer within the Office of the UN Development Coordinator.

The final event of UNKT was the reception at Meeting point “revolution is us” of Autostrada Biennale by the river. The UN Kosovo Team’s reception gathered UN staff and partners. The visitors there had the chance to see the practical work on Filigree, the antient handicraft of silversmithing in Prizren, by the local masters of craft. The location of the reception is a rejuvenated venue by the river. The rejuvenation work has been performed by Autostrada Biennale and the location is dubbed “Meeting Point” located at

During the reception, Ms. Richardson, the UN Development Coordinator emphasised the importance of utilising arts and a vehicle for promotion of SDGs in Kosovo and the world, and praised Dokufest for doing a great job with festival as well as with the promotion of universal values, human rights and Sustainable Development Goals. Mayor of Prizren Mr. Mytaher Haskuka expressed appreciation for all parties involved in organisation of Dokufest and Autostrada Biennale, and he also stated that artistic events and venues such as this serve to further improve the much-needed image of Kosovo in the world.

Autostrada Biennale and Dokufest are strong supporters and promoters of SDGs and Agenda 2030.

During the outreach activity in Dokufest we have had the opportunity to screen all the videos as per below:

EcoKosovo campaign winner of the 1st best video: increasing awareness of air pollution that Kosovo is facilitating

EcoKosovo campaign winner: Air pollution: to be a part of a solution not a pollution. (Girl walking around nature with a mask)

Eco Kosovo campaign winner: Presenting the Obilic.

Red Cross of Kosovo: Dita Evropiane Numrit 112: citizens are informed about emergency services

Red Cross of Kosovo: Ushtrimi Fushor “Bashkë në Reagim” Istog

UNFPA 50 years

UNHCR video 1: steps to support the refugees: World Refugee Day 2019

UNOPS: IBM Project

Soon to be published.

UNHCR and Unicef: #IBelong: Everyone has right to have a Nationality

UNDP: DRR Financed by Government of Japan: Flooded area

360 video of Merdare CCP:


The time for women is now:

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