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UN Development Coordinator, Ulrika Richardson and Minister Dhurata Hoxha today signed a Memorandum of Understanding at the Ministry for European Integration (MEI), Prishtine. The agreement seeks to reinforce the commitment of the UNDP and MEI in bringing Kosovo’s priorities closer to those of the global community. Emphasis in this endeavor shall be placed upon reporting and data collection, in line with the OECD’s Global Partnership for monitoring data. It shall also rest upon aligning the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development with Kosovo’s National Development Strategy 2016-2020, the Economic Reform Programme and the Stabilisation and Association Agreement.

During the signing ceremony, Ms. Richardson and Minister Hoxha pledged to increase inter-institutional collaboration, for the UNDP to providetechnical assistance to the MEI to further align its priorities with the SDGs and to create new entry points with civil society and the private sector so as to establish more numerous partnerships for SDG advocacy, outreach and implementation. It is hoped that with such increased human capacity and strengthened mechanisms for reporting and data collection, future action will generate sustainable results and meaningful progress for Kosovo’s citizens.


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