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Today, the Parliament of Kosovo has unanimously endorsed the Resolution on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), joining the global community in fighting local and global poverty, reversing environmental degradation, leaving behind a fair and sustainable future for our children, and with renewed partnerships.

The Chair of the Parliamentary Committee on Health, Labor and Social Welfare, Ms. Besa Baftiu, as the initiating committee for this process, has remarked in this occasion that the importance of having the resolution is to make the development pathway of Kosovo aligned to the EU accession and other global member states.

The representatives of the Parliamentary groups of VV, LDP, PDK, Nisma and AAK have also spoken on behalf of their political groups, giving their support to endorsing this agenda before the voting took place. The resolution was endorsed by the Parliament of Kosovo with 64 votes for, and 0 votes against.


From this moment on, Kosovo institutions have formally committed to use SDGs as its development framework. This sets us in a more formal pathway as a UN to continue to the next phase in our support to the Kosovo institutions in achieving their development goals.

We congratulate Kosovo Parliament on this milestone, which poses a significant role for their future planning of development priorities, for committing their capacities and for ensuring the right resources to implement this ambitious programme by 2030.

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