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Sustainable development never looked brighter.

Pellumb Gjinolli, Project director of Green Energy Technologies, is one of the young Kosovar professionals working to provide to clean, sustainable energy in Kosovo.

Established in 2010, the company has completed roughly 400 solar projects. They provide renewable energy consulting, solar PV cells to turn the sun’s energy into electricity, thermal mounting and general sales for Kosovo to adapt to the energy revolution.

According to Gjinolli, they were a “pioneer company” breaking ground in a sector that “almost no one was doing at the time.”

He and his partner, CEO Visar M. Kelmendi, established the business like any other company. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development offered them an initial grant and the company was on track soon after.

The young entrepreneurs were constantly updating on the technology — they visited fairs and maintained contacts as they built up their business and solidified an emerging renewable energy business.

However, they resisted the urge to spread themselves too far.

Gjinolli remembers learning in his studies the foundation for his future entrepreneurship: “wind is good, solar is better.” He argues that solar energy is more predictable and can therefore be a more efficient source of power.

Meanwhile, they understood that partnerships were key to their continued success. They helped establish a renewable energy association—KREA—and overcame difficulties finding like-minded companies in Kosovo. These new partnerships helped pull back custom tariffs on imported solar panels and even allows the companies to supply resources to one another.panelet shpia

The company hopes to fulfill their ultimate goal of owning their own solar with work projected to begin next year. Suggested plans include using the farm’s power to recharge electric cars at the recharging stations the company hopes to open.

Kosovo’s changed in the past seven years since the company started. The renewable energy industry’s grown. More and more world leaders recognize climate action as a vital path to prosperity. Moreover, sustainable development is the new mainstream.

Green Energy Technologies is one piece of a much larger effort that can deliver a thriving and sustainable economy that could be passed down from generation to generation

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