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“Regret” is a voiceless play that speaks strongly against domestic violence. Mitrix group staged it at the Cultural center in Mitrovica, on 1 December 2016 from 19:00.

It could have been the bright colors, or dramatic music, or was the whole play that had no more than 10 words in it, but about 150 viewers from Mitrovica just did not want to leave the theater after the show. The discussion went on with the Q&A session for characters. The discussion resonated so loudly with the harsh reality in the society and the world.

The character of a man, played by Kastriot Hetemi, was making excuses for his behavior, by saying that he has got a stressful job, followed by the most encouraging comment from the school girl who said:

“What kind of job is that makes you behave you like this?! Do they beat you there? Are they violent against you? Would you leave your job, if they were violent against you there?”

The character of a woman, played by Enesa Sejdija, dies in the play, and the actress said that is it difficult to play such a character, especially knowing that there are many such real persons in life. There is absolutely no justification for violence, she added.

The play was conceptualized and directed by Marigona Bekteshi, and authored and produced by Mirsad Emini. It had already won an award in the Theatre Festival in Leuven Belgium earlier this year.

The premiere staging of the play “Regret” in Kosovo was supported by the UN Development Coordinators Office as part of 16 Days of Activism Against Violence Against Women 2016.




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