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This year’s DokuFest’s theme is corruption and various of ways fighting against it. A UN supported event on Governance and Impunity was held by Panelists Eric Gibson from the US

Department of Justice and Adam LeBor, a British author, novelist, and journalist. Corruption is found in every government from the US government to Kosovo’s government. What differs from

the two is that the American government has a system of strict law and order of checks and balances where as in Kosovo the law and order are lenient towards corruption that goes on.

In Kosovo and in other post communist societies it is almost always expected from the government to be involved in some variety of corruption. This leads to people distrusting ,

feeling unsafe, and developing negative feelings towards their own government, that is sought to protect and lead its people. In Western countries the governments are working towards exposing

and prosecuting corrupt politicians and actively involving the people making them feel safer and happier about the society they are part of. Governmental transparency is crucial for a safe, just,

and a strong Community.

Post communist societies have a difficult relationship towards their governments due to generations and generations of people being betrayed, cheated, and lied to by their government.

Now that most of these societies have turned into democracies, it is hard to change the mentality of older generations to start trusting the government and those same generations that are part of

the government to stop being prone to cheating, lying, and betraying its people.

As LeBor and Gibson advise that firstly, this change can only happen with a brand new generation of people who are educated and have been around the world with an open mind to get

involved and become part of the government. Secondly, to change the perception towards corruption and demonstrate to people that corruption never pays off and coming clean is a much

better path of a society successfully functioning. Thirdly, creating strong sanctions against corruption and a mechanism that observes and watches over what the government is constantly doing.

The fight against corruption will not be easy nor will it end soon but it needs to start today.

Lana Pedisic

Intern with United Nations Coordinator’s Office


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